Monday, July 25, 2011

Back To School!

Back to School

I'm going back to school in the Fall. 7 reasons I'm excited.

7. Buying school supplies! Like that snazzy Timbuk2 laptop tote.
6. Shopping for a new computer with an educational discount.
5. A free Amazon Prime membership.
4. Student Discounts at movie theaters and museums.
3. My student loans pausing so that I can accrue more debt.
2. The pre-semester potluck for my department.
1. Coffee before class on the first day of school!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Remember these?

The Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. I could eat an entire box.

Well I recently tried this:

and it was just like a Samoa GS Cookie!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's My Birthday

My birthday was this last week, and I took a few days off, which when combined with the Memorial Day Holiday created a spectacular, lazy, 5-day weekend. Shopping and indulgence occured.

Faculae Knit Top
by Rogan

I recently gave away a few sweaters, and this seemed like a sophisticated upgrade. I really like how breathable it is with the open (but not too open, no side boob, please) arm holes. I can dress it up, and dress it down by changing pants and jewelry. I am feeling altogether pleased with my new item.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fantasy Shopping Cart - Anthropologie Living Room

Anthropologie Living Room

For a grand total of $9,439.95! My starting point was that gorgeous green leather couch. Then came the chevron rug. I really love that vibrant yellow, and I would want it to stand out, so I thought that the other items shouldn't have bold patterns. I find mixing patterns to be difficult, although some people really have a knack for it. With a retailer as pattern happy as Anthropologie, this left a far smaller number of pillows and curtains to choose from.

I do like the beachy bohemian feel of this imaginary room, now if only I had $10,000 . . .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 Things I Love Right Now

1. Crystal Wine Glasses For each one I break, I will continue to buy more.
2. Spitfire Girl Wooden Bookmark The rigid wood holds the pages flat and it's easy to feel in the center of the pages when you're looking for where you left off. I thought it was a dog on a diving board, but it's actually a pig.
3. Cover Songs I don't have an image for this but this blog has a collection of covers, some off key, some spot on, but it made me smile yesterday.
4. Wearing a Wrist Watch - I bought this Timex for JCrew Watch on impulse and have no regrets. It's much faster to turn your wrist than to dig through your bag looking for your cell phone. I liked the compact size of the watch face and the simple strap.
5. My Paula Taylor Frazer Handwoven scarf. Paula Frazer is a paragon. She weaves, she makes music, she crafts. My scarf is a lovely purple. I eyed it a year ago and when I returned to the boutique and it was still there, I couldn't talk myself out of it.
6. Finishing Books - I was supposed to read the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao over a year ago for a book club, but it passed me by. I loved it, and the book was accquired my Miramax so it might be made into a movie!
7. Gingerale. I try every flavor I can find. Brands I've tried: Bruce Cost, Maine Root, and almost all of the Reed's Ginger Brew flavors (Raspberry and apple are particularly delicious.)
8. Coffee out of the Chemex pot. A little more effort to make in the morning but so much more flavor and clean-up is a snap.
9. Mad Men Season 4 - So many repressed feelings, and unspoken truths. Season 4 was the best season so far for me.
10. The Coin Op Car Wash Station - Again, sadly no photo but some serious giggling occurred. The countdown, the high pressure spray gun, mist everywhere. Who knew cleaning could be so fun?

Monday, January 31, 2011


Polyvore! by lookwhatimade featuring low rise bootcut jeans

Polyvore is an excellent time waster! Thanks for the recommendation Polly! My workday will never be the same.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Essential Items

I've been tagged! Jen tagged me to create a post with 5 essential items. When I think about my daily routine, I wanted to think of items that would a) make me turn around and head back home, or b) make me feel really disappointed that I left them at home.

1) Tory Burch Tortoise Shell Glasses: I can see pretty well without my glasses, well enough to forget my glasses often. I sit at work squinting in front of the computer wishing I had remembered them, slowly growing a large headache.

I switched to the tortoise shell frames after years of wearing a bolder pair of black Prada frames. I decided I wanted something a little more feminine, and subtle.

And ps. I don't do contacts.

2. Laura Bucci coffee sleeve. This falls into the disappointed I left it at home category. I was carrying a glass mason jar for awhile when I make coffee at home (which is by the way, the best travel coffee mug I've ever experienced. NO LEAKS!), but most of the time I'm too sleepy/lazy to wake up early enough to make my own coffee. The small gesture I can do for the earth is to have a re-usable coffee sleeve. I know it's not green, but I love love love coffee in a paper cup. It always tastes right.

It took me a while to order this coffee sleeve because it cost $18 for one (I noticed she raised her prices to $24!) which seems like a lot for such a little thing, but I've been very happy with my purchase. The screen print is tasteful, the fabric is thick and sewn well. It would cost me plenty more to make it myself.

3. Crate and Barrel Wine Key: I'm a server. I will get in trouble if I don't bring my wine key to work. I used to use a double tier wine key, but I left it at home and needed another in a pinch. I got this one at Crate And Barrel and it does the job. It could be a little more attractive though. I like the sturdiness of the single lever on it.

In order to make sure I always have my wine key for work, it NEVER leaves my bag. The bonus to this is in the summer months is that I'm always prepared for an impromptu picnic. This makes me very popular at any outdoor event or festival.

4. Weathered Hobo International Wallet w/ Coin Purse: Some people call this my "man wallet" because of the way it folds up. The floral interior counteracts that. I bought this wallet because i love having the great big coin purse connected to my wallet. You can see from the black wear marks that this item has taken a beating over the years.

5. House Keys: I've become a big fan of the vanity keys. I can tell them apart quickly and I love saying, "Panda will get you in the apartment, Penguins into the bike room."
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