Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Top 5 Cat Toys

5. Furry / Feathered Mice

Dangling these in front of Nomnom will usually elicit a batting of the paw, and sometimes we catch a butt wiggle then pounce after the fake critters.

4. Crazy Circle

I didn't expect this toy to work as well as it does. I bought it for Nomnom to have something to play with when I'm not home. My boyfriend and I have been gone a lot more than we used to be. It didn't take long for her to become interested. Sometimes she just sits on top of it.

3. Electronic Bug Toy

This was definitely worth $12 to see kitty go bonkers. It's a plastic bug with wings that flap when you press a button. It's on a wire on a plastic wand,and you can swing the bug around and make it buzz through the air. Nomnom would chase me all over the apartment.

Downsides: the toy is cheaply made and the plastic wings fly off. You have to find them on the ground and snap them back in. Some super glue might have taken care of this, but we played with toy so much that Nomnom bit through the wires. The lifespan of the toy was only a few months, and the toy is made from all plastic so this toy loses points for being bad for the environment.

2. The Laser Pointer

Oh Holy Laser Pointer, I pray to thee. It's really hard to beat the laser pointer when it comes to kitty crazy-ness. When we first got Nomnom, this is the only toy that would really make her run around, until we got Da Bird . . .

1. Da Bird

This is the best cat toy EVER! It's just a feather on a wand, but it's amazing. All you do is wave it around. Nomnom goes bananas for 'Da Bird. She will chase it, jump 4 feet in the air for it, jump off of walls/doors for it, sit on it, and run off with the feather in her teeth. It requires no batteries and the feathers are replace-able. All of the other toys pale in the shadow of 'Da Bird.

On a side note, they recently changed the design of the wand, and it is now made of two separate parts that connect. They don't connect well, and a little super glue will permanently connect them. The new design works better and is easier to take home / ship, but I was irritated that I had to "fix" my brand new thing with super glue.

Below is a photo of Nomnom in mid-air going after 'Da Bird.

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